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Your Perfect Spring Party Look, Straight from New York Fashion Week

  • Your Perfect Spring Party Look, Straight from New York Fashion Week
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    Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images
  • Altuzarra Tom Pecheux Skin
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    Step #1: Perfect your skin, but keep your face bare.

    “The lips are nude, no mascara, no eyebrows,” Pecheux says. On the skin, he used M.A.C.’s Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation ($34) for a translucent finish and Mineralize Concealer ($20) to cover any imperfections. He dusted Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($30) on the t-zone, tops of cheekbones, and the cupid’s bow to catch the light.

  • Altuzarra Tom Pecheux Glitter
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    Step #2: Don’t just throw the glitter on your lids.

    Pecheux’s precise application is what makes the glitter look so sophisticated. Apply a gloss, like Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream ($20) to the eyelid, before pressing M.A.C.’s Glitter ($17) in 3D Brass Gold along the lashline and up into the lid with a brush (Pecheux used the flat side of a large eyeshadow brush). The gloss will keep the glitter from getting everywhere, and the brush grants you more control than your finger.

  • Altuzarra Tom Pecheux Lipstick Eyes
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    Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images
    Step #3: Take it up a notch!

    Inspired by the pops of pink in Altuzarra’s bright collection, Pecheux smudged a line of hot pink lipstick, M.A.C.’s soon-to-be-released Good Kisser, across the center of the lid on just six models. “It’s really crazy, but why not?!”

  • Altuzarra Odile Gilbert Kate Moss Chignon
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    Step #4: Keep your hair casual

    Undone hair is a must when it comes to making glitter look downtown cool. Hair stylist Odile Gilbert says, ”The idea is to do the chignon that Kate Moss does on her own hair, herself.” She turned the texture soft with Kerastase’s Spray-a-Porter ($35) and Powder Bluff ($36), before securing each chignon with just a handful of pins.

  • Altuzarra Michelle Saunders Essie Manicure
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    Photo: Essie
    Step #5: Keep your nails clean

    Michelle Saunders, Essie’s lead manicurist, says, “We’re easing our way back into the comfort of the French manicure this spring.” The ‘90s staple might be a surprising answer to nail art, but Saunders kept the idea fresh by using a sheer white, Essie’s Allure ($9), across the top of the nail for a barely white tip. She finished with the brand’s Good to Go Top Coat ($10).

Joseph Altuzarra’s fall runway show is the last place we expected to find acid-green glitter and our go-to spring party look. But makeup artist Tom Pecheux says he “twisted glitter’s arm to bring it somewhere minimal” and sure enough, the result was both sophisticated and cool. “When you think glitter you think of a disco queen, or va-va-voom, but I thought we should treat it like something very simple.”

That meant an otherwise bare face, easy hair, and, of course, a Kate Moss reference. Learn how to cop the look, above.

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