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From Pixies to Plaits: 13 of Jennifer Lawrence's Best Hair Moments

  • From Pixies to Plaits: 13 of Jennifer Lawrence's Best Hair Moments
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    Photo: Splash News/WireImage
  • JLaw Choppy and Textured
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    Photo: Splash News
    Choppy and Textured

    Only JLaw could make the awkward growing out phase look this good.

  • JLaw Blown back pixie
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    Photo: GettyImages
    Sleek and Combed Back

    Lawrence makes this sleek, blown-back style look sweet and feminine.

  • JLaw Bleached pixie
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    Photo: WireImage
    Bleached Pixie

    We love the cool undertones of this bleach blond color and the face-framing layers. 

  • JLaw plaited bun
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    Photo: WireImage
    Plaited Bun

    Multiple plaits get wrapped into a bun in this low-key updo (we like to imagine she woke up and decided to channel her inner Khaleesi for this look).

  • JLaw Bangs shoulder length
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    Photo: WireImage
    Bangs and Waves

    Sideswept bangs, soft layers, and perfectly-placed highlights—what’s not to love about this hairstyle?

  • JLaw Slicked Back
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    Photo: WireImage
    Slicked Back and Straight

    Of course JLaw manages to look amazing even with her hair slicked back.

  • JLaw Honey Waves
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    Photo: WireIMage
    Bombshell Waves

    Big, bouncy volume and honey-colored locks—we’d like our hair to look this way after every blowout.

  • JLaw twisted bun
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    Photo: WireImage
    Twisted Low Bun

    A sleek, braided updo perfectly complements her teardrop earrings on the red carpet.

  • JLaw ballerina bun
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    Photo: SplashNews
    Ballerina Bun

    Simple and sleek—this ballerina bun is the perfect ‘do for a night out.

  • JLaw sidebun
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    Photo: WireImage
    Twisted Low Bun

    Lawrence looks stunning in a perfectly-tousled side bun.

  • JLaw brunette
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    Photo: WireImage

    Even when she went to the dark side (by which we mean her haircolor for Silver Linings Playbook), Lawrence still looked lovely.

  • JLaw bangs layers
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    Photo: WireImage
    Bangs and Waves

    Golden waves and wispy bangs make this ‘do an easy one to dress up or down.

  • JLaw blonde hair
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    Photo: WireImage

    We forgot how blond JLaw was when she first burst into the Hollywood scene—we’re fans of her loose waves and middle part.


    CTA: For even more hair inspiration, click here!

Our imaginary bestie/hairstyle chameleon Jennifer Lawrence was spotted yesterday in NYC rocking a choppy bob on the way to Good Morning America. Yes—it looks like the pixie seen ‘round the world is officially no more. We personally love the new, layered ‘do and can’t wait to see how else she styles the blunt cut. In commemoration of her new look, we’re sharing our favorite hair moments from JLaw’s career.

From pixes to plaits, click through the slideshow above to see JLaw’s best hair moments!

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