5 Little Beauty Tricks That Make a BIG Difference

5 Little Beauty Tricks That Make a BIG Difference

It’s official—you’re fresh out of ways to wear your hair, makeup and nails. And while the switch in seasons can call for a new ‘do, it certainly doesn’t call for a drastic change. No, just a few simple tweaks can make a huge difference. Click through the slides for 5 little tricks to update your look for summer!

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    Switch Your Part

    The easiest, most wallet-friendly way to get your locks out of a rut? Switching up your part! It doesn’t involve bleach, dye, or scissors, and can be done in five seconds or less. If you’re a die-hard side part girl, shake things up by trying a center part. Always wearing a center part? Then flip your tresses to either side for an instant hair makeover. Don’t have a preference? Click here for our tips on how to find the best part for your face shape.

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    Put Your Best Foot Forward

    Most times, our feet don’t receive the attention they deserve—out of sight and out of mind, after all. But with pool season in full swing, your feet are bound to make more than one appearance this summer. To make your heels sandal-ready, simply take a stroll on the beach—the sand is naturally exfoliating. Or, take your mini-pedi a step further: banish calluses and rejuvenate cracked skin by applying your favorite lotion to your feet before bed, then slipping on a pair of socks to lock in moisture. You’ll wake up with beach ready, baby-soft soles.

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    Floral Fever

    Summer is in full bloom and so are a plethora of flowers, which means you have one more heat-free hairstyle to try this summer. Decorate your hair with fresh flowers—you can braid them in, pin them, make them into a flower crown…the list goes on. Store your blooms in the fridge until you’re ready to decorate your strands!

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    Although black eyeliner will always have a special place in our hearts, we do appreciate a pop of color from time to time--especially during the summer months. So why not give this DIY a try? Using just two ingredients, you can easily create bright eyeliners out of your favorite eyeshadows. In a small bowl, mix 3 parts glycerin and two tablespoons of water. Dip your brush into the mixture and then into your eye shadow or or loose pigment of choice, and draw it along your lash line like you would with gel liner. Hello, bright-eyes!

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    Matte About It

    To give your mani and pedi a quick (and fabulous) makeover, rock a matte version of your favorite nail color. Try JINSOON’s Matte Maker ($18), a matte topcoat that leaves your nails velvety and matte without changing your original polish color. Or, DIY your own with eyeshadow and a topcoat: click here for full instructions. Then, feel free to flutter your fingers around your face as often as you’d like. 

    Would you try any of these quick and simple updates? Sound off below!

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