I Do My Own Eyebrow Tinting—Here's How

Deven Hopp

I have light blond eyebrows. I also have little interest in filling in my light blond eyebrows every day (and yet I do). It's less than ideal. But with a little dye, all of that changes. All of the little baby hairs that are otherwise invisible fill out, and suddenly my eyebrows have shape—suddenly I don't have to carefully pencil in my brows using delicate "hair-like" strokes. But here's the thing: It takes all of two minutes in the salon and costs around $15. This certainly isn't a lot considering the long range of salon services I could indulge in, but it feels unnecessary regardless. On the contrary, slap on some color, wait a minute, wipe it off—now that seems like something I could do. And so I did. And I haven't paid for an in-salon eyebrow tinting since. Intrigued? Scroll down to see how I do it!

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