How to Improve Your Sex Life by Doing Almost Nothing

Hallie Gould

Here at Byrdie HQ, we firmly believe that there are no taboos when it comes to female health—and that's why we're making it our mission to destigmatize any and all discussion surrounding birth control, our periods, and other topics related to reproductive wellness. It's something we stand by all year long, but in observation of National Women's Health Week, we're highlighting some of our best guides and stories on the subject. Tune in all week long to get versed on your options when it comes to birth control, what it's really like to get an IUD, why you should care about which tampons you buy, and more.



It can happen to any of us: Things are going great in your relationship… until they aren't. Your sex life can dwindle for any number of reasons—you get busy, stressed, exhausted, or a mix of all three. But there are ways to—for lack of a better phrase—spice things up.

The first thing you should to do is communicate with your partner. If you're feeling off, chances are your S.O. feels it too. After you've talked about it, it's time to look into some options. I reached out to a few experts on the subject for tips on easy (but effective) ways to get back on track. Unequivocally, they cited meditation as a really valuable option. Find the best meditation technique for your personality, and keep reading to find out why it works.

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