How to Fake A Full Night's Sleep

How to Fake A Full Night's Sleep
Philippe Bigard

Gearing up for the holiday season requires more than the perfect festive nail polish or smoky eye palette. Whether you’re traveling across the country to visit family, or pairing late nights at holiday parties with early work meetings, a full night’s sleep probably isn’t a high priority right now. So we asked celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech—she travels between New York and her home in Dallas to work with clients like Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet—how to get rid of under-eye bags quickly.

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    Step One

    After your skin is cleansed, gently tap and massage under your eyes, starting in a circle at the outside corners, tracing under your bottom lashline, along your brow bone and back to the outer corner. Use your middle or ring finger and the same amount of pressure you’d use to apply concealer. Repeat several times. This helps to loosen up the fluid that’s trapped under your eyes.

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    Step Two

    Submerge two tea bags in water and pop in the freezer for a few minutes (if you’re short on time just use cold water). Wrap each one in a paper towel (or toilet paper if you’re in a hotel room!), lay down, and place on your eyes for about five minutes. “Green tea is the best to use because it’s much more powerful than black tea, since it’s not as processed,” Czech says. “Take your time and rest while they sit on your eyes.”

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    Step Three

    The first two steps should remove any puffiness, but if you have a few more minutes finish with a cold compress. “Ice or cold teaspoons will work,” Czech says. If you happen to have eye cream handy, apply it, then dab on a little concealer to cover any darkness. Now don’t you look well rested!

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