We've Got It: The Key to Perfect Beachy Hair This Summer

Katharine McEntee

Urban Outfitters

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to master the art of “beachy waves.” And who better to teach us how to get perfect beach hair than Sarah Potempa, creator of the Beachwaver and celebrity hairstylist to Lea Michelle, Romee Strijd, and more.

So just what is perfect beach hair? Unlike the hairstyle implies, beach hair is not the texture of your tresses after you take a dip in the ocean. No, perfect beach hair is a series of S curves that are almost always created with a curling iron. And while that may sound simple enough, the hairstyle can prove rather tricky for those of us with a texture that doesn't quite hold a wave. Fortunately, Potempa has remedied this issue via tips and products for straight and curly hair types alike. For Potempa’s step-by-step instructions on how to create beach waves for a variety of hair textures, keep on reading.

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