The Only 3 Products You Need to Master the Perfect Daytime Smoky Eye

The Only 3 Products You Need to Master the Perfect Daytime Smoky Eye
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A sexy, sultry smoky eye is our go-to for any night out, but the look is totally wrong for daytime…or is it? We spoke with makeup artist Joey Maalouf about the concept of a daytime smoky eye, and as it turns out, it’s not only achievable, but ridiculously easy to create. Best of all, he swears you only need three products. A simple, perfectly-smudged eye look that we can wear on the daily? We have a feeling our eyeliner is suddenly going to start seeing a lot more action.

Click through the slideshow above to find out how to create a daytime-appropriate smoky eye!


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    “For a daytime-appropriate smoky eye, keep things quick and easy—just do it with eyeliner!” Maalouf says. “A smoky eye done with tons of dark eyeshadow will look stunning at night, but can come across as too harsh during daylight hours.” He recommends choosing a chocolate brown pencil: “It’s soft, warm and looks gorgeous with every eye color.”

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    “Start by lining your top and bottom waterline,” Maalouf says. “Make sure to color between the roots of your lashes—this will do most of the work for you and enrich the overall effect.” His personal favorite? Givenchy’s Magic Kajal in Brun D’Exception ($24) for the intense pigment and all-day staying power

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    The next step? Get smudge happy. Take an eyeliner brush—Maalouf swears by Tom Ford’s Eyeliner/Definer Brush ($50)—and sweep it directly under the top and bottom lash line. “This will smudge your liner into an imperfectly-perfect haze of smoky amazingness,” he says.

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    Now that your liner has been expertly smudged, finish off your daytime smoky eye with a touch of drama. Maalouf uses three coats of L’Oréal Paris’ Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara ($8) to create a flirty, fluttery fringe.

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    If you have a penchant for the dramatic, take note: Maalouf left us with one last tip to take your smoky eye from day to night. “Take the smokiness from subtle to glamorous by applying Tom Ford’s Lip Lacquer Vinyl ($32) on your eyelids,” he says. Bold move, but we like it.


    Have you ever tried a daytime smoky eye? What products are your must-haves? Tell us in the comments!

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    Givenchy Magic Kajal ($24)

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    Tom For Eyeliner/Definer Brush ($50)

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    Tom Ford Lip Laquer Vinyl ($32)

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