Your Guide To Curing Dry Lips, Once And For All (Plus, A Giveaway!)

Your Guide To Curing Dry Lips, Once And For All (Plus, A Giveaway!)

Dry lips—you are the bane of our existence. Just when all seems right in the world—our hair has finally fallen into model-off-duty waves, our eyeliner is the picture of perfection, our skin looks perfectly sun-kissed—you have to come along with your cracked, peeling self and ruin everything.

But we will not give up. And who better to aid us in the ongoing battle than lip expert Sara Happ? A sufferer of dry lips herself, Happ started her eponymous line of lip scrubs in her own kitchen in 2005—they soon reached cult product status and now her line has expanded to include a bestselling balm, glosses, and more. We asked her to share her best tips on combating a cracked, chapped pout—click ahead to see what she said!

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    The Cause

    “Our lips are made of thin, delicate skin,” Happ says. “[They’re] so delicate that your capillaries are visible, giving lips their natural color—that color is actually blood flow!” She explains that your lips lack the oil glands found in the rest of your body, which leaves them extremely susceptible to dryness. “The things we eat and use daily can cause chapping, like citrus and toothpaste,” she says. “Even saliva contains dehydrating enzymes—so never lick your lips!”

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    The Dirty Little Secret

    Ever wonder why some of your favorite balms leave your lips more dry than before? “This is one of the beauty industry’s dirty little secrets,” Happ says. “Many lip products contain alcohols that actually dehydrate your lips, concealed in a formula that momentarily feels like it’s adding moisture.” So the more product you use, the dryer your lips get! Other ingredients to avoid: menthol, camphor, phenol—all of which will leave your lips dryer in the end.

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    The Best Ingredients

    Essential oils are your lips’ best friends,” Happ says. She lists grape seed and jojoba oils as the most moisturizing, and says that they are infused into every Lip Scrub ($24) from her line. Macadamia and sweet almond oils are two other moisturizing oils she says to look for, both which are in the ingredient list for The Lip Slip ($24). Beeswax, cocoa butter, and lanoline will also help keep your lips plump and moisturized—try Lucas Papaw Ointment ($30), another cult favorite.

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    We asked Happ for the truth—is there a chance that exfoliating dry lips can make them even more sensitive? “I want to be very clear,” she says. “If you exfoliate properly with a gentle formula that is designed with utmost care, then certainly not.” She says that your lips are delicate, so using a toothbrush, face scrub, or abrasive lip exfoliating can do real damage. Keep dryness at bay by exfoliating with a gentle lip scrub made with soothing and hydrating ingredients, like natural oils. Click here to see our editor-approved roundup of lip exfoliators!

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    One Last Tip

    One last tip—put on moisturizing balm right before bed (Happ says she slathers on The Lip Slip each night). The ingredients will soak into your lips and hydrate while your sleep, without risk of lip-licking. In the a.m., you’ll wake up to a smooth, plump mouth without any effort! 

    Click ahead for a chance to win a deluxe set of Sara Happ products to keep your lips in tip-top shape!

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    Sara Happ Deluxe Lip Set giveaway

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