The Most Popular Holiday Makeup Looks on Pinterest

Social media is a guilty pleasure—there’s no denying that. Its downfalls are both well-documented and numerous. And Pinterest is no exception. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it consumes an embarrassing amount of our time and energy. But we can’t help it; it’s a verified goldmine of beauty advice. And unlike other internet platforms that are mostly memes and GIFs (no hate, we love them just as much as you do), you don’t have to shuffle through crowded content. One quick search (like our “Best Holiday Makeup” query) is all it takes to prove that Pinterest was made for beauty lovers.

That’s why, this year, we turned to our fellow pinners for all things holiday makeup inspiration. We ranked the top ten most pinned posts, so you can spend a little less time planning your party look and a little more time tackling that mile-long holiday to-do list. Keep scrolling to get majorly inspired!

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