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Editor's Picks: The Limited Edition Products on our Holiday Wish List

The rich scents, dark nail polish, and face-saving potions are editors are asking for this holiday season.
  • Editor's Picks: The Limited Edition Products on our Holiday Wish List
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  • Rouge Etincelle Lipstick
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    Lancome Rouge Etincelle Lipstick ($75

    “The only way this vibrant shade of red lipstick could get better is if Lancome packaged it in a bejeweled tube—which they did.”

  • Fling Lip Set
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    Nars Fling Lip Set ($49)

    “I actually want everything from Nars’ bold Guy Bourdin-inspired holiday collection, but I’ll narrow it down to four for the sake of the lip clutch in which these products are packaged.”

  • Eau De Parfum
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    Aerin Eau De Parfum ($110) in Amber Musk

    “While it’s tough to choose a favorite from Aerin Lauder’s new fragrance collection, I favor warm scents in the winter and will be hoping for Amber Musk in my stocking.”

  • Nail Polish
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    Burberry Nail Polish ($21) in Poppy Black

    Olivia Wilde’s love of black nail polish has rubbed off on me. Burberry’s super glossy formula is slightly more grown up than the black I was wearing in eigth grade.”

  • Ligne Graphique
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    Chanel Ligne Graphique ($34) in Bronze

    “My favorite liquid liner’s gone metallic for the holidays!”

  • Lip Shine
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    Beautycounter Lip Shine ($24)

    “I blame my rekindled love of a glossy lip on Gisele’s Vogue Paris cover. And I’ve never seen a lip gloss as beautifully packaged as Beautycounter’s.”

  • Tobacco Oud Eau de Parfum
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    Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Eau de Parfum ($210)

    "I can’t get this scent out of my mind! I may or may not have avoided washing my hands for several hours after spraying my wrists with this at the Tom Ford store recently—and I wash my hands a lot.”

  • The Eye Concentrate
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    La Mer The Eye Concentrate ($185)

    “If ever there was something I’d love to stockpile in my medicine cabinet it would be La Mer’s eye cream. It de-puffs my eyes in the morning and makes them look bright and awake.

  • The Best for Lash 4-Piece Deluxe Eye Set
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    Tarte The Best for Lash 4-Piece Deluxe Eye Set ($25)

    Tarte makes the best lash primer available and their inner-rim liner doesn’t budge, making this kit everything I need for a full, defined lash this party season.”

  • Moisture Bound Spa Kit
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    Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Spa Kit ($150)

    “I’ve sworn by Amore Pacific’s Moisture Bound Serum collection ever since Jaime King told us she uses the serum to banish dry skin when traveling. This full set is perfect for my trip home to Arizona next month.”

  • Holiday Candle Sampler
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    Lather Holiday Candle Sampler ($20)

    “Lighting a candle in a hotel room when you travel changes everything—it’s calming, smells great, and make me feel at home—but who wants to lug a candle in their carry-on? These are no bigger than a lip-gloss but will burn for hours.”

  • Gel Top Coat
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    Dior Gel Coat ($24)

    “To say I swear by this top coat is an understatement. It goes on very thick—almost twice the thickness of regular polish—and makes my favorite red polish look pristine for almost a week. I’m more than halfway through my bottle, so of course I’d like another!"

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