You Can Now Use Electrical Currents to Treat Your Skin at Home

Deven Hopp

My favorite part of any facial is not the masks, not the peels, not the extractions (okay, maybe a little bit), but the devices. When an esthetician comes at me with any sort of futuristic tool—mircocurrent, radio frequency, bio brasion—I can’t help but feel giddy. As a frequent sufferer of hormonal chin breakouts, most of my facials end with a dose of high frequency. It all happens so fast, but when the esthetician runs that humming rod across my skin, I know I’ve had a successful treatment. In fact, I’ve often felt that if I could take that magical tool home, I wouldn’t need the professional facials at all (sorry, estheticians—you know I still love you). Little did I know I could keep that acne-ending gadget right in my medicine cabinet.

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