7 Heat-Free Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Curling irons and best friends have so much in common: they’re reliable in times of need and able to lift our spirits (and our strands) at a moments notice. But while we love our besties year-round, we tend to ditch the curling iron come summer. After all, the last thing we want to do is wave a hot iron around ourheads—who has time for that when there are pool parties to attend?

To help free up your ever-expanding summer social schedule, we’re sharing seven new ways to style your hair without a curling iron. From paper towel ringlets to fishtail pigtails, we’ve got you covered on all aspects of the no-fuss hair front. Now go show off that new bikini!


Click through the slideshow for some heat-free hair-spiration!

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    Fishtail Pigtails

    We’ve already established that pigtails are making a comeback (how chic are these ones on Hanneli Mustaparta?), but braiding each of them in a fishtail takes things to a whole new, beachy level. We love the laidback vibe of the ones on blogger Barefoot Blonde.

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    Beachy Waves

    All you need to create these tousled waves are damp strands and bobby pins. Don’t believe us? Click here for the full tutorial!

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    Overnight Paper Towel Curls

    Paper towels...in your hair? According to celeb hairstylist Lea Journo, this is the easiest way to create tight, ringlet-like curls without a curling iron. “Roll a paper towel, wrap a [1 to 2-inch] section of your damp hair around it, and tie it in a knot,” she says. Do this until all of your strands are in paper towel knots, then sleep on them (or take a cat nap).

    “[Paper towels] give your hair enough hold but don’t weigh it down,” Journo says. After you wake up, untie the knots, shake out your hair, and voila—your strands will be bouncy, shiny, and perfectly curled!


    (Wave addict? Click here for our guide on how to get perfect waves, even if your hair is stick straight!) 

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    French Fishtail

    We’re hung up on fishtails—can you blame us? To recreate this elegant style, give yourself a deep side part and start French braiding a 3-inch section of hair. Once you reach the nape of your neck, secure your strands with a thin elastic, then start fishtailing until you reach the ends. Carefully remove the elastic, fatten your braid by gently pulling it out to the sides, and toss your BBQ-ready braid.

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    Sweet Twists

    This summer ‘do is perfect for those with shorter strands. Start with damp hair, then split your hair into three to five sections, depending on how thick your hair is and how big you want the twists to be. Twist each section into a mini-bun, and secure it in place with a sticky pin or two. Simple, sweet, and chic!

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    Headband Tuck

    Sopping-wet strands? Not a problem—this ‘do actually looks better with wet hair. Place your favorite headband over your hair, with the back part of the headband resting at the nape of your neck. Then, just wrap the ends of your hair into the headband until all your strands are tucked in place. Bonus—after you take out this tuck, your strands will fall into pretty curls.

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    PHOTO: Elibre

    Braided Blossoms

    For the hopeless romantic—braid a thin strand of flowers into any hairstyle for a soft, unexpected update. Or, take a cue from the Honor’s Spring ’14 runways and add them right above your ponytail.


    Can’t get enough of these easy, breezy hairstyles? We’ve got you covered.

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