16 Ways To Wear Your Hair Under A Hat, Because It's Really, Really Cold Outside

16 Ways To Wear Your Hair Under A Hat, Because It's Really, Really Cold Outside

Unless you’re in Southern California or Australia, there’s a good chance it’s freezing outside. And since everyone knows that heat escapes through your head, you’re probably wearing a hat, which can put quite a damper on your go-to hairstyle—it doesn’t have to be that way. From double braids to beach waves, we’ve found 16 cute ways to wear your hair under hat, whether you’re courtside at a basketball game or trekking through the snow.

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    The Glamourai’s Kelly Framel goes for barrel curls under her cozy beanie.

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    You’ll want to avoid puffy hair if you’re wearing a hat that’s particularly snug on your head. Use an extra drop of your favorite serum or hair oil to make sure it stays sleek.

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    The best part about having a sophisticated fedora on hand is that you can let your hair air-dry. See Kate Bosworth’s almost straight but slightly wavy locks.

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    If you have a rounder face it’s easier to pull off the perky beanie. Look for a sturdy knit or fold the bottom up, like Evgenia did for Garance Dore.

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    Feel free to pull your hat down over your face like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—even if you’re not trying to hide from the paparazzi. It’s a great wind blocker.

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    If you’re going for a sporty look—bomber jacket, baseball cap, jeans, keep your hair long and feminine to strike a balance.

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    Follow Reese’s cue and set your hat further back on your head to frame a heart-shaped face.

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    If you’re taking your cues from Brigitte Bardot, you don’t need our advice.

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    This is a good time to try a new part. Jessica Alba went deep in Los Angeles.

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    Functional needn’t mean boring! Lauren Santo Domingo pinned this great image of blogger Peony Lim braving the Parisian cold in a black wool hat topped with pink tulle.

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    If you have a long face, like Sarah Jessica Parker, set your hat about half-way between your brows and hairline.

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    Pair a menswear style hat with bodacious curls, like Doutzen Kroes.

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    Even flat airplane hair looks great under a slouchy knit hat. Just ask Rachel Bilson.

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    For some reason, wearing a hat makes double braids appropriate for adults. Use dry shampoo to ad texture and grip to your plaits; they shouldn’t be perfect.

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    You don’t have to pull all your hair in front of your face just because you're wearing a hat. Follow Liv Tyler’s lead and let it rest just behind your ears.

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    Not so into rules? Go ahead, layer hats on hats on hats, just like Cara.

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