The Best Beauty Looks from Beyonce's New Video Teasers

The Best Beauty Looks from Beyonce's New Video Teasers

Last night, Beyonce dropped an eponymous surprise album packed with 14 new songs and 17 videos featuring everyone from Drake and Jay-Z to Blue Ivy (seriously), so today is basically National Beyonce Day. Do you know how many different looks one can incorporate into 17 different music videos? A lot. Especially when you are Beyonce and you’re playing everything from a beauty pageant contestant (‘Pretty Hurts’) to a roller derby diva (‘Blow’). Click through for some of our favorite looks—and tell us which one’s yours!

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    In 'Mine', feat. Drake, Beyonce sports vivid blue and green eyeshadow. (Between B and Nicole Richie, we know what we're trying for New Year's Eve.)

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    Beyonce plays a beauty pageant contestant in 'Pretty Hurts', which might actually make you cry.  

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    We like to think that 'Drunk in Love' is the sequel to 'Crazy in Love'. If you need more blunt bob inspiration, watch this one.

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    Meet your new favorite dance party song, 'Blow'; it's also one more case in which a bold eye and lip work extraordinarily well. 

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    Is it just us or is Queen B channeling Shakira in her duet with Frank Ocean, 'Superpower'?

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    'Yonce' is our favorite video, thanks to models Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, and Chanel Iman. 

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    B channels Madonna (and maybe a little American Horror Story) in her video for 'Haunted'.

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    Not surprisingly, Beyonce goes all natural for her duet with Blue Ivy, aptly title 'Blue'.

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