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Take This Straight to a Braid Bar...

  • Take This Straight to a Braid Bar...
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  • Leather twist
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Leather twist

    Adding leather or rope to a French braid creates a multi-dimensional effect.

  • Tri-Row
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Get cornrows in half the time by condensing hair into three braids.

  • Whip It
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Whip It

    Who says a ponytail has to be boring? After gathering hair into a high pony, add some drama by braiding the remaining hair in small sections, securing each braid at the bottom.

  • Crooked Coiffure
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Crooked Coiffure

    If one braid is more your speed, slide your ponytail to the side of your head and braiding hair towards the front. This creates an unexpected twist.

  • The Fishtail Pigtail
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    Photo: Pinterest
    The Fishtail Pigtail

    Pigtails aren’t just for kids! Adding fishtails is the perfect way to modernize this classic coif.

  • The Easy Breezy
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    Photo: Pinterest
    The Easy Breezy

    A loose side braid can take your hair from bedhead to boho in seconds.

  • Up and Over
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Up and Over

    After separating your hair in two sections in the front and back of your head, braid and wrap your strands around your head to create a double crown.

  • Waved Waterfall
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Waved Waterfall

    This one is a little more diffiuclt, but worth the effort! Connect your two braids in the back for a fluid effect.

  • Loop-di-loop
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Embrace your second-day hair—or use a ton of texture spray—and you can achieve this tousled texture.

  • Parted Plait
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Parted Plait

    Have long tresses? This reverse crown braid is for you!

  • True Romantic
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    Photo: Pinterest
    True Romantic

    Instead of splurging on a flower crown, braid your hair around your head and pin flowers in to achieve the same effect.

  • Fun Bun
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Fun Bun

    Fishtail your bangs across your forehead and into a low bun for a fuss-free style.

  • The Mighty Mini
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    Photo: Pinterest
    The Mighty Mini

    Keep too-long bangs at bay by twisting and pinning them back, then create a braid with the remaining hair.

  • Daisy Chain
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Daisy Chain

    Give your braid a flower-child vibe by threading a chain of daisies through the length!

  • Forget-me-not
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Bright flowers are the perfect statement accessories for a loose braid.

  • Party in the Front
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    Photo: Getty Images
    Party in the Front

    This half-up style keeps hair out of your face, but still packs an edgy punch.

  • Tousled Tresses
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Tousled Tresses

    Spray in some volume powder before styling to get volume and texture. Your braid will last twice as long!

  • Wrap it up
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Wrap it up

    Adding a thick ribbon or head wrap to your braid gives you a pop of color without commitment.

  • Color Code
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Color Code

    A bright scarf can double as a hair accessory—and protect your scalp from rays!

  • Double the Fun
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Double the Fun

    Keep hair secure through a day of dancing with thick braids and a twisted bun.

  • Coming up Roses
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Coming up Roses

    Can’t decide between a crown or side braid? Try both!

  • Fancy Fringe
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Fancy Fringe

    Thick hair? Just fishtail the top!

  • Hue Happy
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Hue Happy

    Brighten up your locks by break out your hair chalk before braiding. The more colors, the better!

  • Faux-Hawk
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Try an inverted braid to achieve this 3D effect.

  • Hat Hair
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Hat Hair

    Disguise mismatched rubber bands by wrapping a piece of hair around them.

  • Baby Braids
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Baby Braids

    Boho-chic at its finest.

  • All Rolled Up
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    Photo: Pinterest
    All Rolled Up

    Sick of fishtails or French braids? Ask for a rope braid at the braid bar!

  • Sweet Surprise
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Sweet Surprise

    Braiding hair underneath is the perfect way to achieve a low-key style.

  • The Thick and Thin of it
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    Photo: Pinterest
    The Thick and Thin of it

    Part hair deeply to one side, creating a large braid with the parted hair and a smaller braid opposite the part.

  • Double Trouble
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    Photo: Pinterest
    Double Trouble

    Fake a shaved side by tightly pulling one side back, braiding the remaining hair, then pinning up.

  • The Hurricane Braid
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    Photo: Pinterest
    The Hurricane Braid

    A bun meets braid? Quite possibly our favorite from the bunch!

While the sweltering desert heat may be unforgiving on a traditional blowout, that doesn’t mean you should have to forego great hair this weekend. We scoured Pinterest for the perfect festival-inspired plaits, so whether you're hitting up Assembly Braid Bar in L.A., swinging by the Saguaro Hotel this weekend for Klorane's pop-up braid bar, or asking a talented friend for help in the fields of Indio, these are the only inspiration images you'll need!

Click through our slideshow above for 31 braids to try for Coachella!

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