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Go Buy Now: Lavett & Chin's Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

Go Buy Now: Lavett & Chin's Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

There is a kind of hair regularly sported by both French and fashion girls that I’ve spent years chasing. It’s sort of like bedhead, but less dirty, with a slight wave—not curl—some shine, and piecey ends. I’ve used every hot tool and product in the world (the perks of being a beauty editor) and it’s never quite right. Or it wasn’t, until I used Lavett & Chin’s Sea Salt Texturizing Spray ($30).

That same semi-waved model-off-duty hair popped up at J.Crew’s spring presentation where the stylists spritzed the Lavett & Chin spray all over the model’s strands. So I picked up a bottle, went home, and worked it into my regular routine for a month. That means a generous dollop of Shu Uemura Kaze Wave Sensual Curl Texturizing Foam ($38) and a quick upside down rough dry with Harry Josh’s Pro Hair Dryer ($250) before wrapping a few strands around the curling iron, and spraying whatever surf or texturizing spray is within closest reach all over my hair. Turns out, I was trying way too hard. I struck gold when, with just minutes to get out the door, I blew my locks straight, skipped the iron, and just spritzed a bit of the Lavett & Chin around the middle of my head. Boom—there was that wave!

If you want your hair to look like it sat ocean-side for a few hours—instead of soaked in the actual salt water—this is your new favorite product.

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