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Go Buy Now: Glam by Express

Meet your new Saturday night scent.
Go Buy Now: Glam by Express

Looking for a new fall fragrance? May we suggest the seductive and complex notes found in Express’ newest perfume, Glam ($60). Why? The sophomore scent from the fashion brand is an oriental floral that’s warm, sweet, and slightly spicy—three things that always go well together. We’d pair Glam with a sleek bun and bright lip for a night out with girlfriends, or messy waves and a smoky eye on a first date.

Notes of black currant and mandarin vodka blend with a floral arrangement of jasmine, lily of the valley, and sandalwood flower. Flowers and fruit? Yes. Juvenile? No! Base notes of musk and white woods ground the scent with a sensual feeling.

Spritz a little of your wrists and neck, toss the Roller Ball ($16) in your bag, and don’t forget a bold lip color!

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