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Get The Look: Dree Hemingway

The model’s beauty team walks us through her forties-inspired hair and moody lips.

  • Get The Look: Dree Hemingway
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  • Dree Hemingway Skin
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    “I gave Dree a face massage before starting the makeup to open up the skin and allow the products to really sink in,” says makeup artist Nico Guilis. She used a Chanel face cream--try their Le Blanc Brightening Moisturizing Cream ($130)--followed by a spray of Evian’s Mineral Water Spray ($12) to prep her skin.

  • Dree Hemingway Concealer
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    To keep Hemingway’s skin light, Guilis applied Tom Ford’s Foundation Stick ($78) only where the model needed a little coverage: under her eyes, around her nose, and on her cheeks.

  • Dree Hemingway Bronzer and Blush
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    To contour, Guilis dusted Nars Bronzing Powder ($36) in Laguna under Hemingway’s cheekbones and along her jaw. Even with contour you need a touch of cheek color, says Guilis, so she reached for the brand’s Multiple ($39) in Orgasm.

  • Dree Hemingway Brows
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    “The light brown color in Tom Ford’s Coco Mirage Quad ($75) is the perfect brow shade for blondes,” says Guilis. She dusted the powder into Hemingway’s brows with an angled brush and set them with a spooley brush spritzed with hairspray. Pick up E.l.f.’s Essential Brow Wand ($1).

  • Dree Hemingway Eyeliner
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    Guilis defined Hemingway’s eyes using a thin brush and Chanel’s Professional Eyeliner Duo ($45) in Noir. “Trace along your top lash line, but don’t flick the ends up,” Guilis says.

  • Dree Hemingway Mascara
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    Guilis applied seven to 10 short, individual lashes to each of Hemingway’s eyes, crisscrossing them to create a thick lash. “Glue the lashes to your real lashes--not to your skin,” Guilis says. A coat of Chanel’s Inimitable Intense Mascara ($30) in Noir added definition. For this look try Ardell’s DuraLash Naturals Flare Individual Lashes ($4).

  • Dree Hemingway Lipstick
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    “A red lip would have been the obvious choice for this look,” says Guilis. “But I wanted something more earthy and sultry.” Her pick? Nars’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($25) in Damned.

  • Dree Hemingway Hair 1
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    Hairstylist Ben Skervin prepped Hemingway’s towel-dried hair with Vidal Sassoon’s Foaming Air Boost and Lift Mousse ($6), rough dried her locks until they were 90 percent dry, then finished the blowout with a natural bristle round brush for smoothness.

  • Dree Hemingway Hair 2
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    Skervin created a deep side part in Hemingway’s tresses, applied Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray ($39) all over, and backcombed her roots. To create a faux bob he sectioned her hair into three parts: the bottom half, top half, and a small section in the front. “Roll the bottom section under and secure with classic bobby pins,” he says. “Smooth the top section with a brush, roll it under the bottom section, and pin.” Loosen and refine the shape with your hands and use U-shaped pins to lock the bob in place--try Sta-Rite’s Jumbo Hair Pins ($3).

  • Dree Hemingway Hair 3
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    “You want the front section to have a soft wave, not a curl,” says Skervin. He used a 1 1/2–inch iron on the front section of Hemingway’s locks, allowed the curls to cool, then brushed them with a natural bristle brush. Skervin pinned a few waves into the bob, and set her tresses with Vidal Sassoon’s Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray ($4).

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