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Get The Look: Abigail Spencer

The Suits actress won our highest beauty honors at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards with bright lips, dewy skin, and retro-inspired hair.

  • Get The Look: Abigail Spencer
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  • Abigail Spencer Skin
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    Makeup artist Fiona Stiles dabbed Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation ($62) onto Spencer’s forehead, cheeks, and chin, blending with a Beauty Blender ($20) sponge. “Coverage should be lightest around your hairline and jaw,” she says. Before the base set, Stiles applied mark’s That’s Brilliant Face & Eye Luminizer ($14).

  • Abigail Spencer Bronzer
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    Stiles dusted Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Color ($30) in Petal under mark’s Pro Bronzing Powder ($13) in Bronze to add warmth to Spencer’s skin. “This blush has a light, soft color with a bit of luminescence,” Stiles says. 

  • Abigail Spencer Eye Makeup
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    Spencer’s eyes got a wash of shimmer courtesy of mark’s Touch and Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette ($16). “Apply the lightest shade from your lash line to brow bone,” Stiles says. She applied Chanel’s Ombre Essential Soft Touch Eyeshadow ($29) in Slate under Spencer’s bottom lash line for added depth.

  • Abigail Spencer Eyeliner
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    Stiles lined the actress’ top lash line with Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Colour ($24) in Cocoa and set it with a layer of mark’s Wet/Dry Eye Shadow ($7) in Plum Velvet.

  • Abigail Spencer Eyelashes
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    To get Spencer’s thick, full lashes swipe on Lancome’s Virtuose Black Carat Mascara ($27). “This mascara really feathers the lashes out nicely,” says Stiles.

  • Abigail Spencer Lip Color
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    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Lip Tar is a makeup artist go-to, but takes a little practice to master. “It gives such an amazing saturation of color but is really meant for professionals,” Stiles says. “To apply, use a really small eyeliner brush, blot lips, and dust the edges with loose powder,” she says. Stiles used Japonesque’s Pro Eye Detailer Small Brush ($14), Lip Tar ($16) in Demure, and Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder ($35).

  • Abigail Spencer Hair Main
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  • Abigail Spencer Hair One
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    Hairstylist Ashley Streicher prepped Spencer’s just-washed hair with Oribe’s Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray ($49) and Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic ($17) concentrated on the actress’ roots. “Sprays give a nice, weightless texture,” Streicher says. She rough dried Spencer’s naturally curly tresses, smoothing the actress’ locks with her hands, and made random curls with a 1 1/4-barrel curling iron.

  • Abigail Spencer Hair Two
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    “The inspiration for the hair was Abigail’s mother in the late ‘70s,” says Streicher. For that kind of retro volume, Streicher loaded the actress’ roots with Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray ($39) and teased the hair on her crown with a fine-tooth comb. A few clip-in hair extensions gave fullness to the back of Spencer’s locks before Streicher pulled two side sections back and secured with bobby pins.

  • Abigail Spencer Hair Three
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    To keep the volume going throughout the length, Streicher switched to a vent brush (try the Perfect Style Tunnel Vent Brush ($9) by Revlon). “Loosely rough up the hair with a brush or your fingers,” Streicher says. Serge Normant’s Meta Luxe Hair Spray ($25) set the style.

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