Gigi Hadid's Makeup Artist Shares His Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Lindsey Metrus

Gigi Hadid had a rock-star year in 2015. After nabbing a coveted spot on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway, landing a role as the new face of Maybelline cosmetics, and owning her curves in an eloquent body-shamer shutdown, it's safe to say she's on the path to an even better 2016. And while there's no arguing that Hadid truly shines in the spotlight, we can't help but notice the shine her perfectly dewy skin gives off too (seriously, it's like a baby cherub's or something).

To find out how to get our own Gigi-worthy complexion, we turned to—who else?—her makeup artist, Patrick Ta. The cosmetic guru lent some all-star advice for how to get that lit-from-within glow like Gigi's with many products that won't break the bank. A charitable man, he is.

To learn how to get your glow on, keep scrolling!

What's your favorite celebrity trademark look? Are you a fan of Gigi's glow? Tell us in the comments!

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