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From Berry Everything to Big Hair

Because we weren’t ready for fall last February.
  • From Berry Everything to Big Hair
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  • Matte Nails
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    Matte Nails

    We already supplied you with a list of our favorite mattifying top coats—so whether your style swings ladylike and grown up a la The Row, or edgy, dark, and urban like Alexander Wang, ditch the shine.

  • Headbands!
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    And we’re not talking fancy ones. Anything black will work! They were leather at Valentino, knit at Nina Ricci, and tulle at Balenciaga, wrapped around braids, updos, and sleek side-parts respectively.

  • No Mascara!
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    No Mascara!

    Shocking? Yes. So we tried to ease you into it by warning you six months ago. Smudge some brown eyeliner around your lashline or don a particularly bright lip and skip mascara for a day. It might sound crazy, but it actually feels freeing.

  • Big Hair
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    Big Hair

    It’s time to break out the hot rollers! Use them to score ringlets like those seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs or the soft, fluffy waves on display at Diane von Furstenburg. Backcomb the bounce for the kind of mega-volume on display at Bottega Veneta and Rick Owens!

  • Matte Skin!
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    Matte Skin!

    You can stop saying “glowy” for a second—nails aren’t the only thing going matte for autumn. Give your illuminator a rest and reach for a contouring powder or rich blush instead. Look no further than Dolce & Gabbana, Thakoon, and Jean Paul Gaultier for proof that matte skin needn’t mean a lack of dimension. (Stay tuned for a round-up of the best mattifying makeup next week!)

  • Brown Lips
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    Brown Lips

    Sure, we’ll take any excuse to emulate Drew Barrymore circa 1992. But added validation from designers like Thakoon, Phillip Lim, and J.W. Anderson can’t hurt. If your search for brown lipstick turns frustrating, reach for an eyeliner instead. At Lim’s show, makeup artist Francelle Daly used Nars’ Eyeliner Pencil ($22) in Mambo.

  • Berry Everything
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    Berry Everything

    From the burgundy nail polish at Billy Reid (Essie’s ($8) Berry Hard) to the purply wine-stained lips at Marni, Louis Vuitton, and Lanvin and the coppery red, smoky eyes Pat McGrath painted on the models at Gucci—rich red reigned supreme.

New York Fashion Week kicks off the spring collections tomorrow, but let’s take a step back and talk fall. While coats, boots, and berry red lips hit the runways last February, the season actually starts in two weeks. So which runway beauty trends do we recommend you try in real life? Our suggestions, above!

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