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Flower Power

Whether they're fresh or silk, stick a flower (or two!) in your hair this summer.
  • Flower Power
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    Photo: WENN
  • Mia Moretti Floral Crown
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    Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

    DJ Mia Moretti rocks flowers in her hair on a regular basis; of all the versions we’ve seen, the fresh white roses hairstylist Marco Diaz wove into Moretti's French braid at left is our favorite. “It’s actually a lot easier to achieve than you think,” says Diaz. The key is a reverse French braid: “Having the braid exposed on top is what allows the flowers and pins to have something to anchor into,” he says. (Fresh-cut buds are best for this style, but Katie Burley Millinery's Little Roses Headband ($120), is a great alternative.)

  • Keira Knightley Wedding Flower Crown
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    Photo: Spread/

    Keira Knightley’s nuptials to musician James Righton may have been low-key, but it wasn’t short on romance. Case in point: she accessorized her Chanel dress with a dainty flower crown. For a similar look wrap small, fresh blossoms around a bendable wire, or pick up Gardenhead’s Viola Halo Headwrap ($24). Wedding not required!

  • AnnaSophia Robb Floral Crown
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Cult Gaia has some of the best premade floral crowns around, so it was no surprise that the brand’s founder, Jasmin Larian, was behind the fresh flower headband AnnaSophia Robb sported this year at Coachella.

  • Katy Perry Floral Crown
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    Photo: WENN

    Diaz was also behind the vibrant purple crown Katy Perry wore to a screening of The Great Gatsby in New York. He used the same braid technique on Perry as he did on Moretti, but suggests spraying your hair with texture spray, making two pigtail braids, and pinning them across the top of your head for a shortcut. “It’s so much easier,” he says. “Also, try to use flowers that have a texture similar to what you're wearing.”

  • Alexa Chung Floral Crown
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Alexa Chung’s purple, pink, and white crown at Anna Sui’s S/S 13 show is a perfect example of mixing colors to accomplish a look-at-me effect, without wearing large blossoms. Create bedhead waves in your hair and follow Erica Domesek’s easy D.I.Y. for this look.

  • Josephine de la Baume Flower Crown Headband
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    Photo: Startraks Photo

    Josephine de la Baume gets extra points for matching her lipstick to her tried-and-true floral headband at the screening of Kiss of the Damned. The French actress has been wearing her coral headpiece for years, but try Rock ‘n’ Rose’s Beatrice Oversized Floral Crown Head Band ($65) for a similar look--and don’t forget a matching lipstick!

  • Bella Thorne Coachella Flower Crown
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    Photo: Pacific Coast News

    In true music festival style Bella Thorne sported beachy waves underneath her custom-made floral crown at Coachella. Fresh blossoms aren’t a practical option for a long, hot day in the sun, so try Topshop's Full Daisy Floral Garland ($40) instead.

Floral crowns were de rigueur last summer, but it turns out they’re not a one-hit wonder. The trend is back with a vengeance, topping the heads of pop stars, actresses, DJs, and more. An easy way to update last year’s version? Weave fresh flowers into a braided crown, like Mia Moretti and Katy Perry. Click here to learn how to work blossoms into your tresses--and where to shop for faux options.

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