For The Best Faux Tan

For The Best Faux Tan
A sun-kissed faux glow is a summer essential these days, and nothing looks better than a professionally applied airbrush tan. That said, these personalized spray tans can be pricey and aren't foolproof, so we are always searching for the right prep/post regime to make sure our bronzed skin looks perfect and stays that way as long as possible. We turned to one of our favorite experts to get all of her tanning tips, which we reveal in today's beauty story!
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    DERMAdoctor KP Duty ​Body Scrub ($44)

    We've all heard that you need to exfoliate before getting a faux tan, but we never knew what product to use and when to use it. Shaving can cause streaking, Blafer says, so the first thing you should do is shave--or wax--then use a non-oily scrub like KP Duty to even out the surface of your skin. She suggests finishing up by using a dry wash cloth to scrub your skin one last time. "The friction between the dry wash cloth and your wet skin will help remove any remaining dead skin cells," Blafer says.
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    Fake Bake Passion Fruit Exfoliating Wipes ($31)

    If you're a habitual spray tanner or use a lotion with a self-tanner in it, you'll need to make sure you've gotten it all off before you get your next airbrushing. "Fake Bake's exfoliating wipes are awesome," Blafer says. "They're great for removing the last bit of spray tan before you spray again!"
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    St. Tropez Tan Optimizer Body Butter ($15)

    Once you've achieved the perfect airbrush tan, the key to keeping it is to pick the right moisturizer. Blafer likes this body butter because it's very hydrating, which helps the tan fade evenly. To prolong the life of your tan, she also says to go easy on the soap in the shower, especially the first few days, because it's drying and makes the tan come off faster. "Just wash the necessary parts and let the natural oils in your skin build up," Blafer says. "Also be sure to apply lotion right after you get out of the shower, while your pores are still open."
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    Jergens Natural Glow & Protect Daily Moisturizer ($9)

    Another way to prolong your tan is to give it a little boost by using a moisturizing lotion with a tanning kick. A classic like Jergens Natural Glow is an excellent option, but that's not the only one. Blafer also like the newest version of this adored product, which has a SPF 20 formula, so you're getting sunscreen and color all at the same time!
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    Splendid Strapless Cotton-Blend Jersey Maxi Dress ($110)

    As for what to wear to and from your airbrush tanning appointment? Let's just say this is not the time for anything tight, complicated, or overly strappy. Bras are to be avoided, if possible, and you should ideally look for something in a machine washable fabric. "You also want something long to protect chairs or car seats from the solution," Blafer says. "A dress with a wide elastic waistband is okay, but be careful of wearing anything too tight. This black convertible tube dress is great; I also have this dress too, which is so soft."
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