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Eyeshadow Primer: What is it Good For?

Why priming your lids is as important as priming your face.

When you prime your face—whether with moisturizer or an actual primer—you’re evening out your skin tone and laying a secure base for whatever you put on top: foundation, blush, illuminator. Eyeshadow primer does the same thing, but works slightly harder, since it keeps saturated color in place across a crease. Makeup artist Nico Guilis, who works with Dree Hemingway and Poppy Delevingne, says this step is key to holding bold colors in place: “Primer helps lock out moisture and acts as a fresh canvas base for your shadow, especially with darker colors that you don’t want to crease.”

If you favor neutral tones around your eyes, you might not even want to layer shadow on top. But if you do, Guilis says, “Use your ring finger to place the primer across the eye lid and let it settle into the skin. Then apply shadow.” Her favorites (and a few others) above!

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