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Everyone wants shiny hair. Here's how to get it!

Your strands will stay glossy for weeks with one of these easy at-home treatments.

  • Everyone wants shiny hair. Here's how to get it!
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  • Ulta Hair Glaze
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    Ulta’s Ultimate Shine Luminous Clear Glaze ($10) made our ombré locks incredibly bright after just one use! Leave on for ten minutes post-wash, then rinse. It’s rich, so stick to the bottom half of your hair if you have oily or thin locks. Want a color boost along with a dose of shine? Try their brown and red versions.

  • Clairol Hair Glaze
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    Clairol’s Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment ($8) gave our dark hair intense shine, even without a blowout! The box comes with two formulas you mix together and apply to damp, unwashed hair for 10 minutes (oil is good for your scalp, so don’t shampoo first!).

  • Kim Vo Hair Glaze
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    This one requires a little more work, but it’s worth it! Apply Kim Vo’s Brilliant Luster Glaze ($24) to towel-dried hair, comb through, and wrap locks in cellophane wrap for twenty minutes. (You can use a shower cap if you prefer.) Makes hair extra smooth.

  • John Frieda Hair Glaze
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    Want to liven up your brown hair? John Frieda’s Luminous Color Glaze Brilliant Brunette ($10) delivers shine and a dose of subtle color. One use made our hair slightly deeper and richer. (Don’t worry if you drip the brown gel on your forehead; it will come off with a gentle scrub.) Blondes and redheads can try the brand’s clear formula: Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine ($10).

  • Oscar Blandi Hair Glaze
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    Oscar Blandi’s At Home Salon Glaze Shine Rinse ($27) is a cocktail of good-for-your-hair ingredients that boost health and shine! Olive and macadamia nut oils brighten strands while a mixture of proteins and panthenol restore moisture. Bonus? Sunscreen helps slow color fading.

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