7 Going-Out Looks to Inspire You This Weekend

7 Going-Out Looks to Inspire You This Weekend

Great news: It’s the weekend! Time to bust out your favorite eye shadow palettes, boldest lipsticks, and flirtiest set of lashes. Flip through to get inspired!

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    Purple Lips

    Workplace purple? Maybe not so much. But a purple pout is perfect for a Saturday night. Just make the brows bold, and keep the rest of the look clean. 

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    The Not-Trying-Too-Hard Bun

    It’s 7 p.m. and there’s no time to run home to refresh the morning’s curls, and that’s okay—that’s what the decidedly disheveled bun is here for. Pair it with a poppy lip, and you’re good to go. 

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    The Shimmering Smoky Eye

    Use the weekend as your excuse to wear a sparkly, smoky eye, unabashedly. Shades of chocolate brown look surprisingly soft.

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    Bright Bobby Pins

    A sleek row of lacquered bobby pins is an unexpected (and incredibly easy) addition to any evening look. Wear them with a colorful lip for contrast.

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    The Reverse Smoky Eye

    Why not take an old favorite and flip it? Neutral shadow on top and smudged black liner on the bottom—instant cool. 

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    Super-Straight Hair

    Save all of the messy texture and undone waves for the mornings you oversleep during the week. Try a super-sleek, pulled-back style this weekend for a nice change of pace.

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    Aubergine Lipstick

    Hot pink and bright orange are always staples, but deep aubergine lips couldn’t be chicer. Try them while you’ve still got a bit of your summer glow, and skip the brows (gasp!) to keep the look from feeling severe.


    Which look will you try this weekend? Let us know in the comments! 

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