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Emma Stone’s Jaw-Dropping Beauty Looks From Her Spiderman Press Tour

  • Emma Stone’s Jaw-Dropping Beauty Looks From Her Spiderman Press Tour
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    Photo: WireImage
  • Press Conference in Los Angeles
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    Photo: WireImage
    Press Conference in Los Angeles

    “I take a very different approach to Emma’s makeup, based on her hair color. This is from the very beginning of the tour before she went back to red. I love the contrast between a deep lip and her pale skin and blonde hair. It’s chic and pared down and really impactful.”

  • Berlin Premiere
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    Photo: WireImage
    Berlin Premiere

    “This was my favorite look. I love that pastel wash and the look of no hard lines. It’s soft, feminine, and ethereal. I picked up the robin’s egg blue color from her dress and did a soft wash of color on the lids. It became the glue between the dress, the hair, and the makeup.”

  • Rome Premiere
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    Photo: WireImage
    Rome Premiere

    "This one was all about Italy. Italian women are revered for really owning their sense of sensuality. I wanted to create a look that reflected that, so I used an emerald green liner on the inner and outer corners and a metallic silver shadow all the way to her brows. Then I used a plummy stain on her lips; again, no hard lines anywhere on her face.”

  • Rome Photocall
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    Photo: WireImage
    Rome Photocall

    "Oh, the peaches and cream look! It’s so funny because Emma went out onto the stage and the backdrop ended up being a shade of each, too! It was very lucky. The whole look was very much about fresh spring makeup and flushed cheeks.”

  • Paris Premiere
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    Photo: WireImage
    Paris Premiere

    “This was my second favorite. I love a powerful lip, especially on Emma. The color lit up her face. The look is very chic because the rest of her makeup is very pared down.”

  • World Premiere in London
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    Photo: WireImage
    World Premiere in London

    “This was a vey special moment. The yellow dress was so spring and it just felt right to do a bright lip. I wanted to have it be simple, and give an old Hollywood feeling, but nothing to obvious. I still wanted it to be fresh, young, and cool.”

  • London Photocall
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    Photo: WireImage
    London Photocall

    “I absolutely adore how Emma can pull off menswear, but I didn’t want her to look boyish, I wanted her to look sophisticated. I used shades of taupe and nude, all cool colors."

  • Singapore Fan Event
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    Photo: WireImage
    Singapore Fan Event

    "This is really fun, I love color on Emma. Taking the color of the dress into account, I used an emerald green color on her eyes. This is actually something that women can do at home. Just use a green pencil to line your lashline all the way around your eye and use black mascara. It’s very wearable”

  • Sydney Photocall
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    Photo: WireImage
    Sydney Photocall

    “That was our very first press day and I wanted to create something that was fun but simple. We were right there on the water and I wanted her skin to be transparent, with a fresh lip and cheek. I actually used a navy liner on her top lashline. It’s a daytime smoky eye!”

  • New York Premiere
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    Photo: WireImage
    New York Premiere

    “The idea for this was a ‘70s glamour girl, but also kind of princess-y. Except for her foundation, every single thing I used had shimmer in it. The lip was glossy, which isn’t easy to maintain, but it all made a statement.”

    Want more? Surf over to WhoWhatWear for all the details on the other amazing ingredient in these look: her wardrobe!

Let us be the first to say it: Emma Stone has been killing it on her press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro. From her matte red lip in Paris, to her soft peachy blush in London, we’ve been watching very closely here at Byrdie HQ. Of course, we had to get all the details, so we chatted with the mastermind behind each and every look: Chanel celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin.

Click through our slideshow for all the details on every look—straight from Stone’s makeup artist!

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