What the Planned Parenthood Vote Means for Your Access to Birth Control

Victoria Hoff

Pepe León

Today, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act would also strip Planned Parenthood of its federal funding. For women across the country, that means their affordable access to healthcare is in jeopardy—birth control, cancer and STD screenings, and sex education make up the vast majority of the organization's services. And even if you don't get your birth control through Planned Parenthood, note that if the bill passes, it may no longer be free.

Women in particular must worry whether the daily reproductive choices we make for ourselves are at risk. And it's not melodramatic: The upcoming administration has promised a number of things that could completely alter our access to birth control, affordable reproductive care and screenings, and the very ability to take sole ownership over our bodies.

How it will all play out is anyone's guess, but let's be clear that the odds don't look any better than they did immediately after the election. Get mad, but get proactive too. Here's what you need to know.

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