Eight Practical--and Pretty!--Mother's Day Gifts

Eight Practical--and Pretty!--Mother's Day Gifts

From a cream foundation with a powder finish to one soap with 18 different uses, we've rounded up the best double-duty products for the mom on the go.

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    Tossing Giorgio Armani’s Face and Eye Palette ($88) in your bag is like having your powder room in tow. On top, it holds a universally flattering bronzer, on the bottom, three neutral eye shadows (the lightest of which doubles as highlighter) that boast incredible staying power.

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    When you find a color that works with your skin, you may as well put it to use wherever you can. Turn your lipstick into blush by dabbing three dots along your cheekbone and blending it in with your fingers. Satin formulas like CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor ($7) or Maybelline’s Color Whisper ($6) are best (matte is difficult to smudge and no one wants glossy cheeks).

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    There might not be a product that does as much as one tube of BB Cream. 3LAB’s Perfect BB Cream SPF 40 ($95) has actually earned that haughty moniker. The lightweight formula targets wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and cell renewal while masking fine lines, brightening your skin, and aiding in collagen production¬--a score regardless of whether or not anyone calls you mom.

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    Think of Revlon’s Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel ($6) as less of a nail art toy and more of two options in one. Feeling sparkly? Need a touch up? This two-side pen allows for a quick manicure on the go.

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    It turns out that junior high staple, Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6), is more than just a lip gloss. Blend it with eye shadow for a glossy lid or smudge it over eyeliner for a rock ‘n’ roll look. One Who What Wear staffer even uses it as under-eye cream and it’s moisturizing enough to sub for your cuticle oil--the perfect trick for a new mom!

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    Mascara primer makes a daily task sound twice as time-consuming. But what if everything you need came in one wand? Lorac’s Special Effects Mascara ($23) offers conditioning on one end and a rich, black mascara on the other--both of which are infused with mother of pearl for strong, shiny lashes.

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    Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap ($10) claims 18 uses! From shampoo to laundry detergent, toothpaste to deodorant, Dr. Bronner (yes, he’s real) thinks it’s the only product you need around the house. That it’s easy to find at Whole Foods--and sports a wonderfully quirky label--certainly doesn’t hurt. Buy mom a variety of the mini bottles so she can figure out which scent she likes best.

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    Though Bumble and bumble calls their Thickening Spray ($28) a hairspray, think of it as a general pre-styling tool. It adds lift to your roots, holds your style longer, and acts as a heat protector--that’s three steps in one, all before you pick up a comb!

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    Dewy skin might be de rigueur these days, but there’s nothing wrong with favoring a matte finish. La Prairie’s Cellular Treatment Powder Finish ($85) offers the best of both worlds. The formula, full of antioxidants and an oil-absorbing complex, offers the coverage of a cream foundation but dries to a matte, powdery finish.

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    Giorgio Armani Face and Eye Palette ($88)

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    CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolor ($7)

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    Maybelline Color Whisper ($6)

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    Smith's Rosebud Salve ($6)

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    Dr. Bronner Magic Soap ($10)

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    Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray ($28)

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