9 Breezy Summer Hairstyles That Take 10 Minutes or Less

9 Breezy Summer Hairstyles That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Between summer shenanigans like pool parties, road trips and beach bonfires, spending time on your hair can fall to the wayside. But who says a gorgeous ‘do has to take anything more than 10 minutes? Give your go-to pony a break and update your locks with some fresh, new styles that don’t take forever to create!

Click through the slideshow above for nine easy summer hairstyles that can be done in under just 10 minutes or less!

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    Be the ultimate beach babe and rock a small milkmaid braid at your crown, and frame your face with loose, messy strands.

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    For a sleek summer look, tease your roots with a texturizing spray (we love the Dry Texturizing Spray ($42) by Oribe), pull your hair back, and secure with a chic, silver clip. Sometimes, a simple hair accessory is all it takes to dress up your ‘do.

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    Finally—a new way to wear bobby pins. Spray the inside of three colored bobby pins with hairspray to make them sticky, then slide them into place in a triangle shape. Fresh and chic!

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    Take a three-inch section of your hair and braid it at an angle away from your face. Repeat on the other side, pin both braids in place with a bobby pin, and voila—so easy you could do it as you’re walking from your car to the beach.

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    To create this quick half-do, take four inches of your hair on each side and tie them in place with a hair elastic. Then, create a hole in the middle and pull your pony through for a pretty update on your classic half-pony.

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    A runway-inspired look that easily translates to real life, this ‘do gives your classic low pony a chic upgrade. To create it, slick your hair into a low ponytail, tease, and add another elastic ever 3-5 inches for a “bubble” effect. This look is especially cute on anyone with long hair!

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    Create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, but instead of pulling it all the way through, leave four to five inches of the ends hanging through. Conceal your hair tie by wrapping a two-inch section of hair around it, and slide a bobby pin underneath to pin it in place.

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    Keep your hair out of your face with this feminine, knotted side bun. To create it, secure your hair with an elastic, split the pony in two, and then tie into a basic knot! Wrap the remaining hair around your bun and hold everything in place with bobby pins.

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    For a messy angelic look, create a half French braid along one side of your hairline and pin it right behind your ear. Add a spritz of salt spray, like Olivine’s Love + Salt Mist ($24), for messy, beachy texture.

    What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? Tell us in the comments!

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