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10 Ear Cuffs to Dress Up Your Messy Updo

  • 10 Ear Cuffs to Dress Up Your Messy Updo
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  • Diane Kruger
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    Diane Kruger repeatedly wears her pave Repossi cuff on the red carpet, seen here at the Berlin premiere of Les Adieux De La Reine.

  • Genevieve Jones Teague Pave Ear Cuff ($900)Teague Pave Ear Cuff ($900)
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    Thank you Genevieve Jones for including three different colors in your Pave Ear Cuff ($900) so that we really can wear it with everything.

  • Vita Fede Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff ($250)
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    Keep one of Vita Fede’s classically pretty cuffs—like the Half Moon Crystal Ear Cuff ($250)—for yourself and gift the other to a preppy friend who wants to try something new.

  • Constance Jablonski
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    Estee Lauder model Constance Jablonski showed off the most sparkly ear cuff we’ve ever seen at an event in New York.

  • Material Girl Silver-Tone Crystal Ear Cuff ($7)
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    For similar bling, pick up Material Girl’s Crystal Ear Cuff ($7)

  • Pamela Love Silver Feather Ear Cuff ($160)
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    If precious isn’t your thing, go for Pamela Love’s Silver Feather Ear Cuff ($160). The silver and black agate cuff easily bends to find around any ear and features two feathers, one at either end.

  • Ca&Lou Lou Lou Lobo Earring ($475)
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    Ca&Lou's art deco-inspired rose gold and Swarovski Lou Lou Lobo Earrings ($475) come as a pair, so you can really make a statement.

  • Emma Watson
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    We didn’t say your hair had to be messy to sport a sparkly cuff. Emma Watson pulls off polish just fine at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Manish Arora Metal Gold Plated Ear Cuff ($590)
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    It might not be the most subtle on our list, but Manish Arora’s Metal Gold Plated Ear Cuff ($591) is our favorite. It features green grapes, pink beads, and art deco-like feathers. It’s like a party for your ear.

  • Repossi Gold Two Ring Berbere Ear Cuff ($2,595)Gold Two Ring Berbere Ear Cuff ($2,595)
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    Repossi's 18-karat yellow gold Gold Two Ring Berbere Ear Cuff ($2,595) is the one you see most often on your favorite celebrities—and the one that launched the ear cuff craze in the first place.

  • Dries Van Noten
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    This image is from Dries Van Noten’s AW/13 show, but a range of brands from Rodarte to Chloe have used them to decorate their runway models.

  • Urban Outfitters Golden Eagle Cuff Earring ($16)
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    Think Urban Outfitters' Golden Eagle Cuff Earring ($16) as starter jewelry. If you like it, you can invest in something more serious.

  • Sophie Bille Brahe 14-karat Gold Pearl Ear Cuff ($2,850)
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    Speaking of investing, if you’d like an ear cuff that you can pass down to your daughter (and she can pass down to hers), may we recommend Sophie Bille Brahe’s ($2,850) beautiful freshwater pearl version?

  • Editorial
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    Cop this editorial by wearing two matching cuffs on the same ear.

  • Catbird
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    Looking for something understated? Try Catbird’s Ear Cuff in Sterling Silver ($38) Rose ($78), or Yellow Gold ($78).

On Tuesday, we declared this the season of the messy updo. If loosely tousled, seriously textured hair makes you nervous, it’s time to invest in an ear cuff.

The now ubiquitous piece of jewelry began its comeback two years ago when Italian jeweler Gaia Repossi launched her Berbere collection. Since then, everyone from Diane Kruger to Rihanna has sported something sparkling along the length of their ear. So what better way to turn that windblown topknot party ready than a serious piece of jewelry? From silver feathers to ladylike pearls, there’s something for everyone, above.

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