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Not a Lipstick, Not a Gloss: Meet Dior Addict's Fluid Stick

  • Not a Lipstick, Not a Gloss: Meet Dior Addict's Fluid Stick
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    “I love how easy to apply this strawberry red is—a couple swipes of Wonderland ($35) and I felt instantly more put together!”

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    The color stayed put, even after a mid-afternoon soda break.

    On Xue: Dior Fluid Stick in Wonderland ($35)

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    “How pretty is the packaging? So Instagram-able.”

    Pictured: Dior Fluid Stick in Mirage ($35)

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    Mirage ($35) was one of my favorite shades. It’s a super-flattering, peachy shade that I would wear every day.”

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    “This universally flattering red will be a staple in my clutch for any night out.”

    On Xue: Dior Fluid Stick in Pandore ($35)

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    “One of my favorite things about this product is how weightless it feels—it really feels like I’m wearing a shiny, pigmented balm.”

    On Xue: Dior Fluid Stick in Pandore

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    Kiss Me is the perfect pale pink—I’m giving my nude lipstick a rest and replacing it with this for spring.”

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    “I like the retro feel of this shade. I’d totally wear this with a cat eye and teased hair for a girl’s night!”

    On Xue: Dior Fluid Stick in Kiss Me ($35)

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    Aventure’s warm, poppy hue lets me try the season’s orange lip trend in a subtle, wearable way.”

    On Xue: Dior Fluid Stick in Aventure ($35)

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    “Seeing these shades against my skin made me realize how pigmented-yet-sheer they are—I know it sounds impossible, but it’s true.”

When it comes to lip color, we thought we’d seen it all…until now. Dior Addict’s Fluid Stick is a brand new, do-it-all lip hybrid that combines the rich color impact and longevity of a lipstick with the shine and finish of a gloss—all while feeling completely, utterly weightless on your lips. How? The formula is made with water instead of wax, making your lips feel moisturized and pillow-soft instead of sticky and lacquered.

We gave our beauty editor Faith five spring-ready shades to try—follow the jump to see her test them out!

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