Weekend Dare: Try a Different Part!

Weekend Dare: Try a Different Part!

In a hair-rut but not looking for a drastic cut or new color? Change your part! While the shift may seem subtle, it’ll shine a new light on everything from your outfits to your features. This weekend, we turned to beauty website Into The Gloss for some pin-spiring looks you have to try. 

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    Sleek and striking, a clean middle part will give any outfit you wear a more classic appearance. Wear your hair down and straight or slicked back like Cara for a more modern look.

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    A little off-center with a lot of volume, this works best with just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, whether you spent hours primping to get the look or just woke up that way. Try a dry shampoo to soak up any second-day oil and give your hair great texture.

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    A ‘90’s revival we can’t get enough of, this is the cool girl hairstyle anyone can pull off. For this look, the messier the better! Having trouble getting one side to lay flat? Use your hand to smooth hairspray over the area.

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