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The Silkiest Silver Eyeliner I've Ever Used

The Silkiest Silver Eyeliner I've Ever Used

When a fashion designer crosses over into the beauty world, you pay attention. Such was the case when I caught wind of Cynthia Rowley’s debut beauty line, now exclusively available on Birchbox (and with more whimsically-packaged goods to come next season). The line’s silver Eyeliner ($16) is adorable. Packaging can make or break a great product, and this sleek, matte black pencil with Rowley’s signature gold foil polka dots stole my heart.

Secondly, the formula was everything a good pencil eyeliner should be—velvety-smooth, pigmented, and un-smudgeable. I used the silky silver pencil on the inside corners of my bottom lid, and it gave my eyes a hint of shimmer that stayed put all night—no small feat, if you consider the fact that dancing and margaritas were involved.  And finally, the best part: these pencils are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free—so feel free to re-apply often, no guilt required.

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