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Your Definitive Guide To Picking The Right Curling Iron Size

  • Your Definitive Guide To Picking The Right Curling Iron Size
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  • 2-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want smooth strands like Sandra Bullock, try…

  • Sandra Bullock
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    If you want to look like you just dropped by your local blow dry bar, but can’t work a round brush to save your life, this is the iron for you. Best for those with longer locks, the 2-inch barrel iron gives hair a subtle bend towards the end that mimics a blowout. We love the Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron ($35).

  • 1 ½-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want loose waves like Whitney Port, try…

  • Whitney Port
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    A 1 ½-inch iron creates a loose, voluminous curl. To achieve a beach-y texture, trade your traditional iron for a wand, like the Sultra Bombshell 1 ½-Inch Rod Curling Iron ($130).

  • 1 ¼-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want romantic curls like Lily Aldridge, try…

  • Lily Aldridge
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    One of the most popular irons, the 1-¼-inch iron can produce a tight or loose wave. For a tighter curl that will last longer, set the hair after curling with hairspray and let it cool before brushing through it.

  • 1-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want tousled locks like Taylor Swift, try…

  • Taylor Swift
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    The 1-inch iron, like the Drybary 3-Day Bender 1” Barrel Curling Iron ($125), is universally flattering and a great option for your first curler. The ideal size for medium and shorter styles, it also creates a great soft curl on long hair when brushed through.

  • ¾-inch Curling Iron
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    If you want to go retro chic like Amanda Seyfried, try…

  • Amanda Seyfried
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    If you’re looking for corkscrew curls or vintage-style updos, the ¾ inch iron will be your go-to. To mimic Seyfried’s symmetrical style, curl all of your hair in the same direction, either towards or away from your face.

  • 5/8-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want textured waves like Selena Gomez at the Kids Choice Awards, try…

  • Selena Gomez
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    The 5/8-inch curling iron will give you Carrie Bradshaw-esque curls, and will give already curly locks a more uniform look. Be sure to pick up a great mousse to keep your curls intact all day long!

  • 3/8-Inch Curling Iron
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    If you want to enhance your natural curls like Beyonce, try…

  • Beyonce
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    Having a 3/8-inch iron on hand is a must for those with natural curls. It’s the perfect size to give definition to unruly ringlets after you air dry your locks!

Whether you’re a veteran with a curling iron or you just break out a barrel on Saturday nights, the myriad of sizes can leave anyone confused. Click through to see which iron to use for loose waves, springy spirals, and more!

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