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ConAir's Infiniti Pro Styler Is Key to A Textured Blowout

  • ConAir's Infiniti Pro Styler Is Key to A Textured Blowout
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  • Step one.
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    Step one.

    Towel dry your hair—gently! Use a towel to press the water out of your ends, without rubbing, to minimize the friction that causes frizz.

  • Step two.
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    Step two.

    Run a generous dollop of mousse through your hair, from roots to ends. Comb through.

  • Step three.
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    Step three.

    Use ConAir’s Infiniti Pro Styler to rough dry your hair with your fingers, pointing the nozzle downward.

  • Step four.
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    Step four.

    Run argan oil or your favorite shine serum through your hair, from the mid-lengths to the end, and twist your hair up into a bun.

  • Step five.
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    Step five.

    Shoot the bun with heat from ConAir’s Inifinit Pro Styler; the negative ions seal the hair cuticle to reduce frizz up to 75%. Wait a beat before blasting your bun with a shot of cold air (engaging the switch on an AC motor actually gives you colder air, instead of just warm), for extra shine and wave.

  • Step six.
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    Step six.

    Undo the bun, shake your hair out, and voila! If you want more texture, spritz your favorite surf spray on the ends. For added polish, run a bit more serum through the ends. See, we told you it was easy!

There’s a happy place between sleek, uptown blowout and second-day, Kate Moss-bedhead. We like to call it a textured blowout, a style you can wear both in the boardroom and to cocktails post-work. The best part about it? It's easy. All you need is a few key products and a single styling tool: Infiniti Pro by Conair AC Motor Blow Dryer ($39.99). Its AC Motor lasts up to 3x longer than most dryers and reduces drying time by up to 50% (less drying time equals less damage). Read on for our step-by-step how-to on achieving the look above!

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