Halloween for Dummies

Halloween for Dummies

Halloween's in two days and you still don't have a costume? It might be too late to pull together an ornate Cleopatra and too cold to work Malibu Barbie, but there are a few looks you can whip up with whatever you have at home. Read on for the easy path to working something spooky (but still pretty) into your Wednesday.

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    Prabal Gurung S/S 13 Manicure

    The makeup at Prabal Gurung's S/S 13 show may have been natural, but the nails? Sally Hansen's Creative Director, Tracylee, took Gurung's inspiration--sculptor Anish Kapoor's Blood Collection--quite literally. "He wanted something bloody!" she said. So Tracylee took one of the colors from Gurung's new collection for Sally Hansen, Angel Bite, and dripped it down the nail. "Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure has base coat in it already, so a base coat isn't necessary," she explained. Use a small brush, like Winning Nail's Sable Nail Brush Oval #5 ($5), using the drop at the end of the brush to make the blood drip. "Then pull the brush up and drag into a squiggly line." (Hansen's new shades won't be available until spring, but try Red Zin ($6.50) in the meantime.)
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    Dianna Argon's Miu Miu 'do

    Emma Stone may have gone French for Miu Miu's S/S 13 show, but Dianna Agron turned Twiggy. The Glee actress accessorized her retro blue dress with a mini beehive and clumped lashes. Ramona Eschbach, one of Oribe's hairstylists, prepped her hair with the brand's Foundation Mist ($22). After blow-drying it, she cut a deep part in line with the end of Agron's eyebrow and combed it flat against the head, over her left ear, and secured it with a bobby pin. Eschbach sprayed Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39) on the roots of the rest of Agron's hair before backcombing it into a bouffant. Then she tied the hair into a low ponytail--which you can either tease, or twist into a knot and secure with bobby pins--before finishing with Superfine Strong Hair Spray($34).
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    Lauren Remington Platt at the launch of Lady Gaga's Fame

    When all else fails, wrap a piece of lace around your head. Seriously. Guests were supposed to go all out for the launch of Lady Gaga's debut fragrance, Fame, so Vensette founder Lauren Remington Platt topped off her Calvin Klein Collection suit with the easiest mask ever: "It's a piece of lace I bought for five bucks!"
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    A Band of Outsiders Football Player

    Scott Sternberg's S/S 13 show was inspired by Battle Royale (the Japanese film that in turn inspired The Hunger Games), but we can't help but see football. Shiseido's Artistic Director Dick Page used concealer to paint those peachy warrior stripes. "Scott said something a little bit feral, sort of sporty, like a reverse football thing," Page said. "Originally at the test we did it with white, but it looks a bit nicer like this parchment-like color." Page whipped up a custom formula for the show--"You could seal a house with this stuff if you wanted to"--but swing by the drugstore and buy the palest concealer you can find.

    -Britt Aboutaleb
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