The Best $10 Beauty Secrets Hiding in Your Drugstore

The Best $10 Beauty Secrets Hiding in Your Drugstore

Between vampire facials and bee venom treatments (both of which will run you over $1,000), beauty secrets that come with a hefty price tag are not hard to come by. But there are some hidden finds that won’t break the bank. In fact, many of the best beauty secrets will do only minor damage to your wallet.

Keep reading for the beauty buys that deliver, but won’t cost you more than $10!

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    Vitamin E Capsules

    Vitamin E is a healer. In first aid, it’s used to heal cuts and scrapes, but you can also use it to fight fine lines and wrinkles because those same cell-regenerating properties work to repair signs of aging. Buy a bottle of vitamin E capsules, like this one from Nature Made for $6, pierce the capsule, and use the contents in lieu of expensive eye cream.

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    Epsom Salt

    Salt, or rather magnesium sulfate (yes, some sulfates are good), is the key to better skin. A 20-minute soak in an Epsom salt-spiked bath will rejuvenate, detoxify, and soften your skin. You can also grab a handful of Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution ($6), and use the crystals to exfoliate. The results will be even better than that pricey scrub you’re used to.

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    Pointed Cotton Swabs

    The uses for cotton swabs are nearly endless and hardly secret. But for $4, you can pick up a pack of Precision Tips, and your beauty routine will be changed forever. Cleaning up winged eyeliner mistakes and maintaining a crisp lip line has never been easier.

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    Dry Brush

    Forget fancy cleansers and creams, this inexpensive beauty tool will give you glowing skin, while increasing your circulation (a.k.a. fighting cellulite). Start your shower with a few strokes of your dry brush to exfoliate away all of your skin woes. Try Eco Tools’ Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush ($6).


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    Baby Oil

    Baby powder and baby shampoo are well-known beauty multitaskers, but the less talked-about baby oil is not to be overlooked. Johnson’s Baby Oil ($4) will rehydrate parched ends, remove eye makeup, and make shaving a smoother process.   

    Do you have any other inexpensive beauty secrets? Share them in the comments!



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