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Channel Your Favorite Hitchcock Heroine

  • Channel Your Favorite Hitchcock Heroine
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  • Hitchcock Heroine Stila
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    Hitchock's leading ladies may live terrifying lives—whether running from birds, Norman Bates or Shadow of a Doubt's Merry Widow Murderer—but they suffer their hardships with flawless faces. So start your retro look with Stila's new Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer ($44); the two-in-one product offers full coverage.

  • Hitchcock Heroine Tom Ford Revitabrow
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    Fill your brows in just a bit more than usual with Tom Ford's Brow Sculptor ($42) and swipe Revitalash's Spotlight Highlighting Pencil ($24) underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Blend the shimmer up into your brows and pencil a bit in the inner corner of each eye, pushing it out onto the lid.

  • Hitchcock Heroine CoverGirl
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    Smile and brush CoverGirl's Cheeker Blush ($4) in Classic Pink along your cheekbones.

  • Hitchcock Heroine Revlon
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    A strong red lip will help you stand up to villains so apply Revlon's Matte Lipstick ($9) in Really Red, blot, and apply once more.

  • Hitchcock Heroine Mason Pearson
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    Use the Mason Pearson Tail Comb ($22) to tease your hair (this is a good time to try out that faux bob!).

  • Hitchcock Heroine Estee Lauder Guerlain
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    Toss Guerlain's Parure Compact Foundation ($64) and Estee Lauder's Lip Conditioner ($8.50) into your most ladylike bag. Wherever you're headed, make sure you don't sit next to the wrong stranger on the train!

We're feeling a Hitchcock frenzy (pun intended) in the air as fall approaches, so while Hitch's heroines may be classic beauty icons, their arched eyebrows, flushed cheeks, and blood-red lips feel particularly right this season.

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