Your Foolproof Guide to Caring for Colored Hair

Your Foolproof Guide to Caring for Colored Hair
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What do Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Hayden Panettiere have in common? Hair colorist Anival Morales. The mastermind behind a long list of Hollywood’s most vibrant locks may be based in Beverly Hills, but you can learn all of his tricks to care for your tresses right here. We sat down with Morales to get the exact tips he gives to his A-list clients, from the best hair mask (it’s from the drugstore!) to the easiest way to prevent fading.

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    Don’t Wash Before You Color

    No matter your hair color, Morales’ suggests you not wash your locks for two days before your color appointment. “This will help prevent any possible irritation to your scalp,” he says. Skip any products that will prevent the color from penetrating your hair as well, like teasing powder or wax.

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    Do a Mask Every Week

    “All colored hair needs a weekly mask,” Morales told us. Luckily, you don’t have to splurge. “L’Oreal has some amazing products for colored hair, especially masks!” Try the brand’s EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care Moisture Deep Restorative Masque ($9).

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    Protect From the Pool

    Chlorinated pool water doesn’t just turn blonde hair green, it can also make dark hair fade faster. To prevent this, just follow Morales’ tip: “Wet your hair with regular tap water and put a little conditioner in it before getting in the pool,” he says. This will prevent the chlorinated water from penetrating the hair shaft. “Then rinse your hair right after you swim,” he says. Bonus points for pulling your hair in a bun and letting the conditioner soak in for twenty minutes before jumping in.

    Emi Jay Pearl Hair Ties ($7), above.

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    Tips For Blonde Hair

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    Get The Right Shampoo

    Pick a shampoo that’s formulated for blonde hair, Morales says. “And limit volumizing shampoo,” he says. “They expand the hair shaft and can make hair brassy.”

    We like Klorane’s Golden Highlights Shampoo ($16) and John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Shampoo ($7).

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    Do a Natural Rinse

    When Morales’ clients, like Britt Marling, start to get brassy, he tells them to do a chamomile rinse. “Brew a big pot, let it cool, then use it as a rinse,” he says. “It will brighten your blonde.”

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    Tone at Home

    Still brassy? “Try a shampoo with a dash of violet to take down the brassiness,” Morales told us. “You can use it once a week.” Try KMS California’s Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo ($16).

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    Get Shiny

    “Everyone benefits from a color glaze,” Morales says. “A gloss is great for blondes who want to refresh their color without going into the salon.” We like Rita Hazan’s Ultimate Shine Gloss ($26) in Clear or Blonde.

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    Tips For Brown Hair

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    Let The Color Soak In

    Have brown hair? “The best thing you can do after you get your hair colored is not wash it for two days,” Morales told us. “This lets the color grab onto the hair.”

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    Do a DIY Glaze

    “I have to tell you, John Frieda has a great color gloss for brunettes,” Morales told us. He suggests doing a treatment every week if you notice your color fading. “It will give you that rich color again,” he says. Pick up John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss ($12).

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    Go Sulfate-Free

    When it comes to buying shampoo, Morales suggest brunettes go sulfate-free, which will keep your color true for longer. We like Kerastase’s Bain Croma Sulfate Free Shampoo ($40).

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    Tips For Red Hair

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    Lock in Your Color

    Just like brown locks, don’t wash red hair for two full days after your appointment. “Your hair is very porous after you color it,” Morales says. “The color needs time to set.”

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    Try a Red Shampoo

    “I can’t stress enough how important it is for redheads to use a shampoo formulated for red hair,” Morales told us. This will keep your locks from fading, he says. Try Purology’s Reviving Reds Shampoo ($33) or Davines’ Alchemic Red Shampoo ($26).

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    Opt For Clear Gloss

    Red hair needs gloss, too, but opt for clear. “Unfortunately, red hair glosses aren’t made for most shades of red,” Morales says. “It may not work out how you want.” Instead, he suggests using a clear formula one to two weeks to keep hair bright. Try Oscar Blandi’s At Home Salon Glaze ($27).

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