5 Beauty Tips Your Favorite It Girls Learned From Their Moms

5 Beauty Tips Your Favorite It Girls Learned From Their Moms

To celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, we asked our favorite It Girls for the best beauty tip they ever received from their moms. From Whitney Port’s surprising perfume no-no, to Hannah Bronfman’s health-minded advice, click through our slideshow for the best mom-approved wisdom—then tell us yours!

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    Lauren Conrad

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    Lauren Conrad

    “My mother taught me how to maintain my eyebrows,” Conrad told us. “I've always had fuller brows, so this came in handy when I was younger. I still only go in for professional touch-ups a couple of times a year.”

    Click here for tips to groom your brows are home.

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    Atlanta de Cadanet-Taylor

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    Atlanta de Cadanet-Taylor

    “When it comes to makeup, my mom taught me that less is always more!” de Cadanet-Taylor told us.

    An easy how-to on no makeup makeup here.

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    Harley Viera-Newton

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    Harley Viera-Newton

    “The best beauty advice I’ve received from my mom is to figure out what makeup works for you and make it your signature look!” Viera-Newton says. What does that mean for her? “A dash of color on my lips or eyes changes my entire look.”

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    Hannah Bronfman

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    Hannah Bronfman

    “My mom taught me that my body is a temple; what you put into it is just as important as what you put on it,” the Beautified founder says. “That, and a bright lip goes a long way!”

    The healthiest foods for better skin are right this way!

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    Whitney Port

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    Whitney Port

    “One tip my mother taught me is to never spray perfume on your neck or décolletage,” Port told us. “There’s alcohol in most perfumes, which will dry out your skin.”

    Check out our favorite spring scents here.

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    What’s the best beauty advice your mom ever gave you? We want to know! Share yours on twitter by tagging @byrdiebeauty and using the hashtag #MothersDay. We’ll be retweeting our favorites on Sunday!

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