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Have You Seen Cara Delevingne's Cornrows?

Blake Lively’s L’Oreal partnership becomes a family affair, Taylor Tomas-Hill gives Goop her hair color exclusive, and more of the beauty news you missed this week.
Have You Seen Cara Delevingne's Cornrows?
Photo: Beauty Counter Blog

A new study finds that sitting for long periods of time is harder on your health than originally thought. As if you needed another reason to actually take your lunch break today! {NPR}

Olympic medalist Gretchen Bleiler shares her winter skincare secrets. {Allure}

Taylor Tomasi-Hill’s kept the name of her brilliant colorist a secret—until now. {Goop}

Another season of no mascara? Yep, it’s happening again. {The Cut}

First Blake Lively, now L’Oreal’s tapped her husband, Ryan Reynolds to be a face of their Men’s Expert collection. {Vogue UK}

Bob who? Vogue predicts the next big hair trend will be locks that hit your hip bones. {Vogue}

Going away for the weekend? Try this genius tip to avoid spills on the way. {The Beauty Department}

The faux undercut is alive and well, just ask Cara Delevingne. {Beauty Counter Blog}

Despite the runway’s love of nude nail polish, nail art is still going strong. {Fashionista}

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