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Busy Week? Here's What You Missed

Crimping is back and Charlotte Tilbury is teaching us how to get killer cheekbones—so basically it’s the best beauty week ever.
Busy Week? Here's What You Missed
Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue

Dust off your crimper! Lady Gaga covers Glamour’s December issue with an ‘80s throwback ‘do—and we love it! {Fashion Gone Rogue}

Sixty seconds to striking cheekbones? Thanks Charlotte Tilbury! {The Edit}

It’s official, the topknot is here to stay. {Vogue}

A makeup-filled vending machine that helps you pick shades? L’Oreal is rolling out a high-tech, automated machine in the New York subway that scans your outfit and makes color suggestions. {Fashionista}

Dear nail biters, you’re not alone! A biter’s manifesto. {Into The Gloss}

Allure’s launched their new mobile site—good luck spending anything less than hours exploring! {WWD}

How to get nail polish off of anything. {Bella Sugar}

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