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Busy Week? Here's What You Missed.

Michelle Obama embraces ombré, Riri’s making movies, and Lea Seydoux goes nude.
Busy Week? Here's What You Missed.
Photo: Juergen Teller/Jalouse

Rumor has it RiRi will make her big screen debut as Josephine Baker in the late entertainer’s upcoming biopic. {Vogue Australia}

We almost mistook Hayden Panettiere for Taylor Swift with her new bangs. Coincidence? {Daily Mail}

First she made headlines with bangs, now first lady Michelle Obama is rocking new ombré highlights. (We approve!) {E Online}

Need some nail inspiration? Watch this. {Marie Claire}

French actress Léa Seydoux looks beautiful without makeup on the latest cover of Jalouse. {Huff Post}

Meet a few of Mary Kay’s 3 million consultants. {The Cut}

Put down the clippers! You can fake an undercut with this throwback style. {Fashionista}

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