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Busy Week? Here's What You Missed.

From Beyonce to Botox to Bioderma, this week's must-click stories from around the web.
Busy Week? Here's What You Missed.
Photo: xoVain

The secret to Beyonce's queen-like eyes—right this way! {IntoTheGloss}

Nothing's as ubiquitous backstage at fashion shows as Bioderma Crealine, the water-like makeup remover. The French must-have is finally available stateside. {ELLE}

If you've been waiting for the right moment to jump on the pastel hair bandwagon, it's here! {Style}

Michelle Phan's launching her own makeup line. {MichellePhan}

Keep these five indie nail polish brands in mind next time you're searching for a fresh shade. {xoVain}

Is Botox the fastest route to smaller pores? {BeautyHigh}

You've heard celebrities sing its praises, but here's what happened when a writer replaced her entire beauty regimen with coconut oil. {Fashionista}

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