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Five Hair Wizards Pick Their Poison

Five Bumble & bumble hair stylists choose their favorite products.
  • Five Hair Wizards Pick Their Poison
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  • Bumble & bumble Hair Powder ($35)
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    Bumble & bumble Hair Powder ($35)
    "Hair Powder is the ultimate hair thickener and volumizer," says Laurent Phillipon, the Paris-born stylist who's worked with everyone from Steven Klein to Ellen von Unwerth and on shows as varied as J.Mendel and Karen Walker. "It's a great tool to add grip to the hair for easy up-dos. Sometimes a model comes from another show with a lot of wax in their hair and I have to make it look natural again--Hair Powder makes it look clean." He also uses it on models with thin hair to pump up the volume. 
  • Bumble & bumble Thickening Hairspray ($27)
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    Bumble & bumble Thickening Hairspray ($27)
    "Thickening Hairspray is so useful because it is so versatile," says Jimmy Paul. The stylist, whose work you can often catch in Vogue, says, "Most styles that I do require some volume--even the sleeker styles need structure and hold--and Thickening Hairspray gives me all of the above." 
  • Bumble & bumble Does It All ($26)
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    Bumble & bumble Does It All ($26)
    Rolando Beauchamp may be Does it All's number-one fan. "The more you spray, the shinier and nicer hair gets," he says of the self-explanatory product. "It doesn't build up and I never want to lose the ability to brush the hair." The shiny blue can is in his hand from start to finish: "I can use it to set the hair, for touch-ups after styling, and right before the girls walk out for last-minute fixes without losing any shine." 
  • Bumble & bumble Prep ($19)
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    Bumble & bumble Prep ($19)
    "Prep makes hair more manageable," says Sabrina Michaels, Bumble's Director of Style Education. "Backstage it's helpful because if you start with Prep, it's easier to work other products into the hair--it breaks down hairspray and buildup on girls coming from other shows when there isn't time for a wash, but we need to start fresh." Michaels says it's also great for detangling messy hair when you wake up in the morning. 
  • Bumble & bumble Surf Spray ($24)
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    Bumble & bumble Surf Spray ($24)
    "I love Surf Spray because it's workable with changing looks throughout the day," says James Pecis, the young London-based stylist who's quickly become Vogue Paris' go-to hair stylist. "It adds the perfect tactile texture, but is especially useful backstage because it's fast to apply and fast to dry. It's the quickest, easiest way to add traction and texture to the hair." 
You'll find a sea of products backstage at any fashion show, all of which smell delicious and many of which appear to provide similar textures. But ask any hairstylist and they'll tell you—there's a big difference between a root lifter and a volumizer. Each product serves its own function and there's an art to layering them to achieve your desired look. 
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