10 Amazing Braids for Short Hair

by Gabi Duncan

Braids always make a major impression, highlighting your hair's natural texture and color while masking any signs of a bad hair day. (Just check out our badass guide if you need convincing.) Due to their practicality, simplicity, and breezy boho vibe, braids are especially coveted on days when you want to look polished without washing or heat-styling your hair. Just throw your hair into a quick plait and you're ready to sail effortlessly between meetings, lunch dates, errands, and happy hours. 

However, there's a common misconception that braids only work for medium-length to long hair, keeping those of us with bobs, lobs, and pixies, from fulfilling our full braided potential. Our job is to dispel that myth. Below, we've collected some major short-braid inspo—proof that girls with short hair don't have to sacrifice their beloved braids! 

Keep scrolling for 10 inspiring short-hair plaits to try!

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