Blake Lively on Glitter, Cookies, and Macaulay Culkin

Blake Lively on Glitter, Cookies, and Macaulay Culkin

Since the end of Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s spent time honing her kitchen skills and landing beauty contracts. Her love of all things domestic has been well documented, but when we hopped on the phone to talk holidays, we were, of course, more interested in her influential beauty looks. We can’t be the only ones in awe of her permanent glow, voluminous hair, and willingness to take a risk. “If I find a look that works for me, I like to do something totally different the next time,” she says. But what are the rest of her beauty secrets? She exclusively tells us about sparkles, cookies, and Macaulay Culkin above.

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    We’ve spent years trying to replicate Lively’s always-perfect summer glow. But what’s her winter look? “I end up wearing a lot more sparkles! Glitter is so much better at Christmastime,” she says. “I’ll wear sparkling nail polish and metallic liners—anything festive!”

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    “I keep seeing a deep oxblood lip, like a chocolate cherry color,” Lively says when asked what she’d like to experiment with this season. “But the people I see it on have pale skin, icy blue eyes, and rich brown hair—which I don’t have. So I don’t know if it’d look good on me, but I want to try it out!” (We suggested she find a shade here.)

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    Lively says she favors the smell of “cookies and Christmas trees” once December rolls around, but what she’s truly grateful for is Gucci’s Premiere Fragrance ($63). “I’m very particular about scent,” she says. “I used to wear a different fragrance during the day versus night and special occasions, summer versus winter, because a lighter, floral, citrus smell isn’t appropriate in the winter like a woodsy, leather scent would be. But this fragrance actually has all of those notes. I missed not having a signature scent by wearing all of those different fragrances, so I’d never have the same effect as my mom and sister where I’d smell their scent and miss them and think of home; now I have my own little super potion!”

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    Did we mention Lively loves the holidays? “My mom and I used to go to the mall on Christmas Eve and just sit there and people watch,” she says. “We love the energy, excitement, and frenzy (it’s why we both love Disneyland so much)!” But she doesn’t have a shopping strategy, instead preferring to just keep on going all the way up to the holidays. “Even if I’m done buying all my gifts and should be at home wrapping, I’m still hanging out in stores. I love watching people buy gifts for the people they love—it’s like being in a Macaulay Culkin movie!”

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    Other than her signature candlelit skin, we asked Blake, what’s her go-to party look? Turns out, she’s totally against the idea. “What’s fun is something different. Like when I was doing the Savages premieres, one night I did a really old Hollywood, Veronica Lake thing and the next I went quite modern, with a sleek ponytail and a necklace wrapped around it, very earthy, with turquoise earrings—even though both of the dresses told the same story. And it’s especially fun to try new things around the holidays.”

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    Lively says she’s never stayed out all night—“unless you count Riverdancing in my apartment”—but her lack of sleep trick? “Just don’t look in the mirror!” Hear, hear.

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