These Are the 5 Top-Selling Items on Birchbox This Year

Victoria Hoff

While we definitely pay attention to best-selling products across the Internet, there are certain e-tailers that carry a little more weight than others. Birchbox is one such site—and not just because it carries such a wide array of brands and products (many of them lesser-known or just emerging on the market). For one, if you're opting to have a box of samples sent to your front step every month, you're probably pretty beauty savvy—and we want to know what you're buying. But better yet? If you're getting said samples and then love something so much you just have to purchase the full-size version, then that product is probably pretty exceptional.

Which brings us to Birchbox's most-purchased items of 2015. The numbers don't lie and neither do thousands upon thousands of amazing reviews. So without further ado, take a look: These are the top five items sold on Birchbox this year. 

Do you own any of these products? What are the best items you've ever tried from Birchbox? Sound off below!

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